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Experience, Excellence,  Grace


Delores Kimbrough is the founder of Kimbrough Consulting!  She brings you deep listening, insightful questions, strategic focus, and encouragement on the journey!  You will delight in  customized service that meets your specific needs!

As a diversity, equity, and inclusion professional, Delores helps organizations develop a climate of inclusion!

As an expert facilitator, Delores designs and facilitates group experiences for corporate, nonprofit, and higher education organizations!

Delores has worked with executive leaders, elected officials, and community leaders at all organizational levels.


Summa Cum Laude graduate of Howard University

Nonprofit Management graduate certificate, Virginia Commonwealth University

Diversity and Inclusion, Cornell University

Instructional Design, Association for Talent Development

Facilitating Virtual Trainings, Association for Talent Development

Organization Change Management certification, Prosci Institute

Nonprofit Fund Development, University of Richmond

Nonprofit Marketing, University of Richmond

Nonprofit Grant Writing and Management, University of Richmond


Strategic Planning, The Longevity Project for a greater Richmond

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion dialogues and training, Virginia Community Capitol

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion dialogues and training, Richmond Region Tourism

Student & faculty dialogues, VCU Inclusive Excellence

Assessments for multiple nonprofits in the Pathways Program, a program of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence

A consulting partner for ConsultCorps, a program of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence

What People Are Saying

It’s been a pleasure working with you … Your patience and persistence were just what we needed! You are so well organized, you made us be organized too. You are thoughtful, an outstanding listener, and you ask just the right questions to move the conversation and the work forward. It's not easy coming in on a project when the work is already in progress. But you came up to speed quickly and were able to contribute immediately. Then, much to all our surprise, just a few short weeks into the work, a curve ball came at us that caused us to pivot 180 degrees. Undaunted, you steered us through rocky terrain until we were on a new path. I feel so lucky that you were available to pick up the pieces and guide us through these past few months. You did so with grace and good humor and for that I am truly grateful!

-- Dr. Susan Carkeek, Former Senior Advisor to the President

Virginia Commonwealth University

It is a challenge to sift through the list of superlatives that come to mind as I reflect on my experiences working with Delores Kimbrough. Delores encouraged us to reach high, dig deep, to cast an inclusive net and to pause, always to pause, in our efforts to build a better community. Her thorough and thoughtful work helped us to refresh our mission and create goals that will carry us forward in a way that is more planful and responsive to our community as we spark action to advance longevity.

   -- Dr. E. Ayn Welleford, The Longevity Project for a greater Richmond, 

Associate Professor and Gerontologist for Community Voice,

VCU Department of Gerontology 

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