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Advancing Your Mission

Connecting Ideas, Hearts, Actions

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Assess your organization’s climate of inclusion

Establish a common understanding of definitions and the importance of  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion among staff, board, community

Understand behaviors that foster inclusion

Understand how managers help foster inclusion

Train staff and board

Conduct inclusive staff and community dialogues

Diverse Group Cheering

Strategic Planning

Clarify your mission

Sharpen your vision

Engage stakeholders

Define clear goals

Develop meaningful strategies and measures!

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We help you plan and facilitate collaborative meetings and retreats

Hold meetings that are inclusive and welcoming of all voices

Leave gatherings with consensus, understanding all perspectives

Creative Meeting

Community and Staff Dialogues

Conduct dialogues across differences with community and staff

Build culture and skills in listening and respecting diverse voices

Imagine collaborative, community driven actions to resolve conflicts

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